vineri, 14 noiembrie 2014

Weight Of The World

Fill my arms with roses.
They will weigh like stones,
Because you gathered them
From the graveyard of my soul.

Fill my arms with stones.
They will weigh like roses,
Because you picked them
From the garden of your soul.

Fill my soul with sorrows.
They will weigh like light,
Because you've learnt to grow
Roses on the graveyard of my soul.

sâmbătă, 1 noiembrie 2014

Swimming through infinity.

My arm was leaning on the car window. If I opened my fist, I could have caressed thousands of wandering souls.
You took my breath once again. It felt like years... Once again, I found myself suffocating in my own reality. No matter how hard I try to stretch my hand; you will never reach me. You'll never swim deep enough to reach the bottom. You'll never escape from your glass cage. You'll just watch time's sharp edges narrowing; you'll be falling forever... in your never-ending sorrow.
Even in winter the sun warms the surface; but it's still winter. However, we continue our bewildered existence, hoping that spring will come sooner or later. Don't we live in fear? Actually, how can someone live in fear, getting through the worst and still hoping for the best? Those little wandering souls... And the saddest part - sometimes, for some of them spring will never come. They are doomed to be buried under the snow, without the possibility of ever seeing the light.
Oh, spring... Bury me deep inside your soul. Keep me into your light forever. Let your overwhelming sunrays heal my wounds. Fill my eyes with your eternal sunshine.
Bring me to life.