joi, 11 septembrie 2014

Maybe I always knew...

Life sums up all the changes that happen whether we want to or not, whether we are ready or not. Life goes on just like a waterfall, never returning where it began. Either you learn to swim against it or go with the tide. It's up to you.
Who would've known?
It all began in the early february. We started as strangers. We all start as strangers, don't we? You seemed to have lightened up the whole room since the moment you stepped inside. It was like stargazing. Even if the sky is full of stars, I will always stare at the North Star. You were my North Star. In time, you became my light at the end of the tunnel; my full moon rising above the glittery stars; you were my silence when everyone was shouting inside my head.
Have you ever thought that we'd go so far? Have you ever thought that you'd drive half naked while I sit completely naked, covered in blankets in the right seat?  Have you ever thought that we'd literally fuck in front of the whole town? We fought, we crawled, we rose and we conquered. We were perfect, like sun rays in the rain.
At first, I wanted this to be a happy post. Things aren't what you expect them to be, are they? If everything gets too hard for me to take... I need you to remember this: I did, I do and I will always love you.
My sun had slowly set... My sun rays became pale... Autumn has finally conquered my soul. I've always thought I'm not made for this world. Until I met you. How can I ever give up on you?
Remember those surreal days of summer.
Remember those satisfied smiles on our faces.
Remember those wild nights.
Remember those random places.
Remember those songs.
Remember how we used to laugh.
Remember those sweet showers.
Remember those days when we were like married.
Remember all our small presents.
Remember my smell.
Remember that skin to skin contact.
Remember my eyes.
Remember my mashed potatoes.
Remember my stuffed toys.
Remember my clothes.
Remember my hair.
Remember our tight embraces.
Remember the way I used to meow at you.
Remember our first (and the last) Christmas.
Remember our dreams.
Remember our shopping sprees.
Remember how we used to sleep.
Remember those nights in front of my house.
Remember my 18th.
Remember how I used to hold your hand.
Remember when I said 'forever'.
Remember me without crying.
Remember me as I used to be at first.

What's tomorrow without you?

marți, 2 septembrie 2014

A Sea To Suffer In.

Like thieves in the light,
With grief and a sigh;
Like knots in the night,
Crookedly tied;
Like rivers in moonlight,
Uncouth, feral, but bright.

With oceans inside,
We swallowed our pride;
Lost in this tide,
The waters have dried;
Waiting for tomorrow,
We harvest the sorrow.