sâmbătă, 30 august 2014

The dawning of a new day.

Life doesn't make us feel alive.
I've never felt so alive, so carefree. I've never allowed myself to taste freedom. I've been writing about it for ages without even knowing how it feels. I've always been that obedient, frightened, silly little girl. But it's time to grow up. 
My life used to be a cage until now. I realised I was just existing, and not living. Life is what you make it. I've accepted mine as something I was forbidden to reject. So I just floated on its surface, reconciled with the idea of never exploring its depth. Reconciled with the idea of never knowing on my skin how wonderful can the seabed be.  I've always imagined myself doing random things,getting drunk, having fun, living my life. Now, in this right moment, I decided to make it real.
I'm almost 20 and I can't say that I remember much. I finished high school without even noticing. The time passed unnoticeably. Just like my life. I've spent these 19 and a half years by doing nothing but whining, criticising, daydreaming and living in the past. It's time for me to rise and shine. As I like to say, it's never too late; it's just the wrong time. 
 Remember when I said that every challenge comes with a lesson? That's mine. It might sound mainstream, but you must live your life as intense as you can. I wrecked the walls of my so-called life and I decided to be free. To live. I need everybody to know that I will never be their pet again. I'm never gonna be their second choice. I'll never keep my mouth shut again. I'll make myself heard. In the end, I'll suffer all the consequences, but I'll simply know it's worth. 
As the sun rises, so will I. 

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