sâmbătă, 23 august 2014

It means everything.

Summer is almost gone, indeed; but autumn is coming. New feelings are about to come as well. However, the one that overcomes them all is insanely struggling inside me.
I used to ask myself why do we need such challenges in our lives. Not so long ago, I found out why. We need to be tested. We need to know if we deserve what we have. We need to be able to protect what we think it's the most important. We need to grow up, to learn from our own mistakes. We must use them as stairs and aim higher instead of letting them bring us down.
I wasn't able to do all these things... I was blind. I couldn't see the challenge coming, as I wasn't ready to fight with my ghosts as well. It was me who let them in, as it was me who let them stay, slowly feeding from my fears and my insecurities. I was possessed by the same demons who destroyed me so many times, the same demons which I thought I'd never be able to chase away.
But I did. Better later than never. Remember, it's just the wrong time. Where there is light, there is always hope.
I was half-alive as well. I've never changed the way I looked at you. Not even now. It will last forever, I know it. We flowed like rivers through the tightest mountain streams, only to end back together in wild waterfalls.
Always remember, a single match can light up the whole room.

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