miercuri, 27 august 2014


Do you ever feel like your life is played after a certain script? I might be crazy but... Oh, wait...I am crazy. Anyway, that's not an excuse. What if something up above is just playing Sims? What if we are just well-defined characters in a huge game?
Do you believe in free will? Do you believe in coincidences? Half of the people I met have an average thinking. ( If you are one of my acquaintances you must question yourself a bit, eh? ) They would never be able to think further than these boundaries. We think what we are indoctrinated to think. We act just like our ancestors, without questioning ourselves. Is there anything original in this Universe?
I might have an answer. Nothing is original, nothing is new, as long as these things have already been planned before. Maybe even I was supposed to think all these nonsenses. Maybe even you were supposed to read them, either deepen my ideas or think that I was high. Someone said that you give this Universe something special, something original by your simple presence... Is that credible?
Why are we doomed to repeat our mistakes? Why are we doomed to end our own circles? Why are our lives like circles? Like circles in sand... There always comes the tide and makes them disappear...And in the end, what have we gained?
I strongly believe there is no such thing as free will. Or maybe that's just an excuse for me to feel comfortable in my miserable life. It's so easy to blame the others, isn't it? If there existed free will, we wouldn't have been so weak, so fragile, so sensitive... We would've been able to do such great things...
But yet we are stuck in our own cages called lives, thanking so-called "Gods" for letting us live in this misery. For making us obedient, easy to please. For imposing boundaries. For prohibiting the access to superior knowledge. For letting the others call their little mistakes which dare to think further and look for the unknown "crazy".
How I wish I was truly crazy. In the end, only those people are the happiest, because they are able to see beyond the stereotypes. Because it's them who are truly free. Free from Gods' prohibitions. Free from Gods' will. Free to be original. Free to be themselves.

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